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Samsung goes to next Level

12 Jun 2015 by
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Samsung goes to next Level

Samsung has announced two additions to its Level series of smart Bluetooth audio products: Samsung Level On Wireless and Samsung Level Link. 

Samsung Level On Wireless headphones incorporate the latest technology to offer top quality sound in an attractive package. The Samsung Level Link transforms traditional audio products into wireless solutions, using Bluetooth technology. 

These new devices are available in South Africa now and offer easy access through a customisable mobile application.


“With the Samsung Level series, we have combined our industry-leading technology and design expertise to offer users the best possible audio experience,” said Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “The Samsung Level On Wireless and Level Link is built on Samsung’s longstanding heritage of innovation and a dedication to expand our range of audio accessories that deliver organic sound quality, superior comfort, portability and style.”


Level On Wireless

Samsung Level On Wireless headphones feature circular ear pads producing a sleek, sophisticated look and feel. Equipped with six built-in microphones, the headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to accurately map surrounding sounds for a clearer and uninterrupted audio experience. A dual-layered diaphragm system helps to suppress excessive vibration, reducing noise and enabling the headphones to reproduce rich, balanced sound across a wide range of frequencies.


Level On Wireless supports an easy-to-use touch pad that allows users to activate and adjust a variety of features such as S Voice, volume, as well as play, pause or skip tracks – all without touching the controls of the paired device. The headphones are also equipped with a unique Sound Sharing function, so users can seamlessly share their favorite tunes with other Level On Wireless users.


Level Link

Samsung Level Link uses Bluetooth connectivity to render a range of traditional audio devices completely wireless. Users simply connect Level Link to earphones, headphones, a TV, a set of speakers or hi-fi system with aux-in cable and then pair it to a Bluetooth-enabled device to enjoy the same high-quality sound they get from traditional audio devices. Level Link provides wireless connectivity in both Send and Receive modes with a simple switch button. Users can also stream audio to two Bluetooth-enabled devices at once, making it possible to instantly share tunes with friends. The Level Link’s aptX Low Latency codec provides fast audio conversion, enabling users to watch videos without encountering sound lags. 


The Samsung Level On Wireless and Level Link are available through Samsung Experience stores, leading retailers and local operators. Full details and product images are available at www.samsungmobilepress.com



Level On Wireless: R2899

Level Link: R899

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