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iPhoneography 2015 launched

05 Jun 2015 by
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iPhoneography 2015 launched

iStore has announce the launch of iPhoneography 2015, which encourages iPhone users to submit images into a nationwide competition. Now in its fifth year, prizes will include iPads and MacBooks.

With its ever-evolving capabilities, the iPhone is often used more by photographers than their regular cameras. The phone’s impressive resolution, the easy-to-use features and its compactness, make it easy and convenient to take anywhere. Many people say that the iPhone has transformed the way they take pictures, elevating them from being average photographers, to very powerful ones.

There are also thousands of photography apps available from the iTunes Apps store that push photography on an iPhone to the next level of excellence.


Entries for iPhoneography 2015 are open at http://myistore.co.za/iphoneography and will close on 28 August 2015. Each entrant can submit up to five of their best moments, which can be edited using any iPhone photography app. The five categories from which they can choose are: Abstract, Still Life, Scenery, Portrait, and My SA. A panel of judges has been appointed to select the best photos entered nationwide. 

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