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Xbox One lands in SA

23 Sep 2014 by
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Xbox One lands in SA

Last night, Microsoft launched the much anticipated Xbox One in South Africa. Gamers can buy the console from leading retail outlets for R6 299, or can get the console with Kinect for R8 000.

South Africa has entered a new era of gaming and interactive entertainment, following the local launch of Xbox One. This console employs good hardware and cloud-based processing power, advanced software tools, and exclusive features the likes of Kinect and Xbox One SmartGlass, to deliver an entirely new world of gaming to both hard-core and casual gamers.

The launch line-up of games on Xbox One features titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3. In addition to first party titles like these, Xbox One will also become a gaming home for such third party games like FIFA 15, Assassinís Creed Unity and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.   

Beyond gaming, the console caters to the needs of non-gamers as Kinect allows the Xbox One to obey commands and perform tasks such as launching an internet search through Bing while listening to music. Gamers can also access another level of interactivity and extend the virtual onscreen action into the real world through Xbox SmartGlass. The latter enables gamers to view content about the game they are playing on their tablet- or smartphone screen while entertainment junkies can turn their mobile device into a SmartGlass remote control, putting them at the helm of their media playback on Xbox One.  

Furthermore, Xbox One users can tailor the user interface of their console to their personality. This allows them to showcase their favourite kind of entertainment and gaming content in the same manner that they are already used to on their Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone start screens.

Xbox One will be available in retail stores across South Africa tomorrow (23 September) starting at R6299.99, while the Xbox One with Kinect is priced at a RRP of R7999.99.

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