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Launched in March 1998, Gadget is South Africa's leading online magazine on the consumer technology, office hi-tech and general gadgetry that makes our lives both easier and more complicated. It has reviewed anything from smart pens to smart cars, from hi-tech Laundromats to low-tech wind-up radios.


It is also geared towards becoming an educational environment for both its loyal readers and for a broader audience. Software and hardware reviews are divided into serious and fun products – the most popular sections of Gadget – along with coverage of Mobile technology, hi-tech issues and the World Wide Web.


The site is updated regularly with new features, and an e-mail digest goes out to about 6,500 subscribers. You can subscribe by putting your name and e-mail address in the box under “Subscribe to our newsletter” on this page and clicking on the “Subscribe!” button.


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Our reviews get right down to the bottom line with their five-question user tests, enabling readers to see at a glance whether the product is:


1. Ready to use
2. Easy to use
3. Functioning as it is supposed to (operating as advertised)
4. Innovative
5. Value for money


From time to time we add Alarm Lights, where a review or discussion needs a cautionary or explanatory footnote. A red light indicates danger and a warning not to purchase; an orange light spells caution, suggesting you check the small print before going ahead, while a green light tells you it is safe to proceed, whether or not there are apparent dangers.


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Gadget welcomes requests for coverage of specific topics, titles or authors. Write to the editor-in-chief, Arthur Goldstuck with your suggestions.


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